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The Only STEMtastic Suite of Activities Your Rascals Will Ever Need This Summer

We've packaged the same hands-on learning experience your child gets in our live STEM camps and housed them in one virtual hub. Now, your child can enjoy Lab Rascals anytime and at any pace!


STEMtastic Summer Bundle
with Club Lab Rascals

12 Weeks of Summer, 12 Fun Labs, No Hassle

Originally $149  


Snag This Super Summer Sale Before It Goes Bye Bye!

Summer Bundle Weekend Sale_Flyer.png

Spooky truth? Your child is at risk of losing 40% of their academic progress this summer. Spookier truth? Every child is. 

It’s called the Summer-Slide, and nope, we’re not talking about water parks!


Summer Learning Loss, also known as, The Summer-Slide, reverses the academic progress  kids made throughout the school year.


Just think, your rascal’s hard work, not to mention your academic investments, slashed by 40% simply because summer equals no school!


But what if kids could get even smarter during summer break with all the summer fun included. With us, your kid totally can!


Skip the Summer-Slide, and Soar with Club Lab Rascals 

So What’s Inside The STEMtastic Summer Bundle?


  • Human Biology Blood and Brain (2 Lab Activities)

    • Build a brain model and learn loads about its function in the body, including blood anatomy. Your kid also learns how the message of taste travels to the brain during our taste test activity.

See STEMtastic Activities In Action


  • Genetics and Genes, Human Gene Therapy (2 Lab Activities)

    • Craft a yummy DNA model (yes, it’s edible) and perform a DNA extraction like a super scientist.

  • Space, Moon Characteristics and Phases (3 Lab Activities)

    • Use oreos to craft moon phases, explore outer space and collect moon objects that may be right under your nose! Construct sweet and starry constellations made from marshmallows.

  • Meteorology (3 Lab Activities)

    • Spin into the wonder of water cycles and make a tornado simulation. Practice engineering and safety measures. Then, create a rain gauge and crafty storm shelter.


  • Solar and Renewable Energy (2 Lab Activities)

    • Craft a fascinating water wheel and solar oven to witness how renewable and solar energy work in live-action. Prepare to be amazed.



With every Lab Activity, your rascals get video instruction and worksheets for increased comprehension. You get an illustrated list of DIY activity materials so you can give your rascal the tools they need to explore, hassle-free.

Who Is The STEMtastic Summer Bundle Perfect For?

Every K-5 kid under the sun, of course!


  • Homeschool families and groups love knowing exactly what’s coming up next


  • Public, private and Montessori school families 


  • Kids who love playing on tablets and TikTok and need learning to be fun


  • Kids who have displayed a dislike for learning and need to develop a love for learning ASAP


  • Families that want to enjoy a fun, cool and educational activity every week without the hassle of planning


With This Value-Packed Bundle, Your Kid Will Slide Into The School-Year

Way Ahead of The Curve and Look Forward To Learning More


Club Lab Rascals build bridges to STEM for kids across America.

#1 Diverse STEM Program in the USA.

We Believe That Representation Matters!


That’s why each Lab features a special guest professional in the STEM field who embodies our love for diversity, and provides your rascal with a rich social experience, even through the screen!

12 Weeks of Summer, 12 Fun Labs, No Hassle



*Our program is tailored for elementary-aged children

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