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Walk through the doors of any science lab, hospital, or Silicon Valley behemoth and you’ll notice a huge problem: Less than 8% of the employees are people of color!  With more than 17.3 million science, technology, engineering, and math jobs in the U.S. alone, such low minority representation was startling to Lab Rascals Founder and supermom, Tondalaya (Tee) Takapu.


So in 2019, the 18-year U.S. Airforce veteran and Cybersecurity Analyst set out to close the opportunity gap, demystify and diversify the field of STEM. 


Tee knew that if she could create an approachable, affordable, and accessible space for all children to get excited about learning, then children like her very own sons would successfully diversify the next generation of STEM professionals.


With a few household items, two rambunctious boys, and everything to gain, Club Lab Rascals met for the very first time in Tee’s kitchen! Her boys LOVED discovering the wonder of learning through play--and invited their friends to join the fun!


Pretty soon, friends and neighbors couldn’t wait to meet once a week for an explorative and exciting learning experience like no other. The good news spread like wildfire and Tee’s kitchen could no longer hold the brilliant bunch! Club Lab Rascal was official.


Now, Tee and her team of lab leaders hold afterschool STEM club meetings for kids all throughout Maryland! Lab Rascals hosts virtual STEM camps every month so that kids can develop a love for learning from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our virtual STEM camp and why kids love it!

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