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At Lab Rascals we are all Curiosity Curators. Our goal is to get kids interested in STEM at an early age.  We do this with our fun, hands-on engaging program. We are looking for  mentors to lead the Next Generation of STEM geniuses. 

Are you?


Our team must engage our rascals. Our worse fear is a bored kid. We keep kids interested by keeping them excited. 


Kids can have big feelings, and our team members must have the patience and empathy to support them without judgement.


We believe an educator is anyone that enjoys teaching as well as learning. Educators include teachers, parents, tutors, and more. 


Postive affirmations matter! We inspire our rascals through our words and actions. Encouraging them to believe in themselves 

Curiosity Curators
(Lab Leaders)

Our Curiosity Curators get children excited about STEM. They lead the our camps, workshops and assemblies using our proprietary curriculum.  

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Jr Curiosity Curator
(Activity Leader)

Activity leaders support our Lab Leaders by assisting our rascals with the hands-on experiments, Well suited for high school students. 

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