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It takes a village (and a plan) to raise a child.


Diversifying STEM Together

We are the #1 diverse e-learning community, inviting all children to explore the wonder of learning in
a live virtual classroom. Each e-lab is bustling with little learners from more than seven different
nationalities! Right now, less than 8% of America’s highest-paid scientists, techies, engineers, and
mathematicians are people of color. So we need you to join us in building the next exceedingly diverse
generation go STEM professionals! Becoming a Lab Rascal makes your child a major part of this exciting

Our Method

We use a themed curriculum allowing children to easily comprehend various elements of science, technology, engineering, and math that conventional learning calls “challenging.” Each of our modules covers a specific standard from Next Generation Science Standards, spelling out objectives plain and simple.

Our Approach

We take an inquiry-based approach to learning!

Each lab is designed to get your child curious from the start.


Each lab is designed to get your child curious from the start.


Students use their own judgment to create and comprehend content.


Students share what they’ve learned using sophisticated terminology.


Students apply the concepts they learn to new situations.


Students reflect on what they’ve learned and relay comprehension.

For Schools & Communities

Invite us to launch Lab Rascals after school program at your school! We partner with schools and community-based organizations to activate fun STEM-related labs and events that engage and enrich students! Our expert team of lab leaders uses inquiry-based modules to create fun activities for STEM skills development.

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Grow The Village

Join Our Team

STEM Education done right is a lot of work. We’re so grateful for our dynamic team of lab leaders helping to make it all possible! We’re growing quickly and always looking to build our team. Lab leaders develop activities utilizing our themed curriculum and host live labs virtually and in schools!

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