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We Get Children Excited About Learning!

Super fun STEM activities for kids ages 3-11

What is STEM?

STEM simply stands for Science, Math, Engineering, Technology. These are the building block for life! STEM Education engages your child in creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation through hands-on play! Without STEM, the screen you’re reading would not exist. Someone has to create the things that keep us going. Lab Rascals teaches your child how to!

More parents are choosing STEM camp online with Club Lab Rascals!

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90% of the world’s top-paying, secure jobs are requiring STEM skills.

STEM Education prepares your child for success. Look at LeBron! Yes, that LeBron. Basketball is physics. Physics is STEM. He was introduced to organized basketball at age nine and learned the science of winning. The rest is history!


We can’t promise you an NBA star. But we can guarantee tools for your child to win at life no matter what.


Lab Rascal club members have a great time exploring, discovering, and learning how the world around them works!

Join The Club!

Join families nationwide and never miss an activity.

Parents always ask us,

“What will my child be doing at Club Lab Rascals?”

We’ve got answers.

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First things first, our classes are called labs. Unlike traditional “classrooms” or “sessions” laboratories are perfect for exploration, experimentation, and discovery! In the lab, we create, laugh, get a little messy! Every lab, your child learns something new. 


Lab begins with an objective. Your child’s lab leader will explain the theme of the day to the entire group. Think weather, biology, aviation! 

Step-by-step, your child works alongside a team of their curious comrades to complete the project of the day. Think, creating rain clouds out of household items or building a balloon rocket!


While the lab leader provides structure and guidance, rascals are encouraged to complete the project however their brilliant brain decides!

Ready to make your child a member?

What parents are telling us!

My son is very excited...says he wants to go back every day! Thank you for all your work!

Thank you for blessing our little souls with your expertise, creativity, and organic love to pass the torch in STEM. You are a pillar in our community developing next-generation INVENTORS in a safe a kid-friendly space!

I’m so glad my son gets to be a part of this. Thank you for this investment in his future.

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Why Choose Lab Rascals?


Our camp is fully interactive.  No webinars over here.  Your kids will be fully engaged, ask questions, and help throughout the lab. 


We provide high a high quality experience and a challenging curriculum. 


So many times kids of color are the minority in prestigious STEM programs. Not in Lab Rascals, kids of color will be surrounded with other young scholars like themselves.


Smart kids are creative. They occupy themselves with meaningful play.

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