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Teaching science at home just got way easier, so much cooler, and super colorful!

Start using our video-led, kinesthetic-based science courses so you can chillax a bit while kids roll up their sleeves, learn and explore. Suitable for Grades K-5.
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You won’t find revolutionary learning like this anywhere else
License a variety of science courses for nine months each

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  • Exciting and advanced lessons help kids pay attention and willingly delve deeper into any topic put in front of them.
  • Focus on learning comprehension through thematic lessons, hands-on activities, and culturally forward worksheets.
  • Science-backed curriculum (Next Generation Science Standards)
  • Religion-free. We believe religion should be taught at parent’s discretion, so you won’t catch us mentioning it ever.
  • Each course is researched and developed by a homeschool mom working 18+ years in STEM

Why Homeschool Families Rave Over Club Lab Rascals Science Courses

  • Based on the course theme, Black and brown STEM professionals serve as guest hosts who give your child insider knowledge and perspective on their field of work and expertise.
  • Seeing smiling Black and brown faces of all ages in a healthy, advanced learning environment is what keeps our homeschool families excited, engaged and always coming back for more!
  • Because courses are pre-recorded, you can slide science anywhere in your  schedule and give your kids a top-notch educational experience at any hour.

Need Help Deciding Which Course
Theme Your Student Will Love?

We asked kids, these themes are crowd favorites:

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Representation Matters To Us Too

Club Lab Rascals offers the only K-5 science curriculum designed with black and brown culture at the forefront, foundation, and core. Because when kids see people who look like them accomplishing great things, they become more engaged, believing they can be great too.
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Homeschool parents can license our K-5 science curriculum for 9-month intervals at an honorably low cost. We believe that an excellent education should be affordable because no child should be locked out from exploring their great potential within.



To get your student started with our science courses,

simply request a special homeschool discount code. 

Then, use it for _% off every time you make a purchase. 

After your request you code, we auto generate it for you so you can start shopping for courses. Apply your code at checkout to see your total cost drop. Once your purchase is complete, you will be able to access the course you choose immediately and via email.